Villa del Cigliano: “Sangiovese Purosangue, a beautiful, sunny day for Tuscan Wines”

We will learn about this beautiful day, better say these beautiful days, from Nicolò Montecchi, passionate winegrower, owner of Villa del Cigliano. The event, named “Sangiovese Purosangue” took place in Rome on Jan. 26th and 27th, 2013.

37 Winegrowers all together, grouped by area. Each one of them brought his latest Sangiovese production as well as some excellent examples of older vintages.

Niccolò Montecchi speaks, with enthusiasm, of a very well organized event , made up of growers who, like him, work in the fields and in the cellar all year long and, at the event, presented their excellence to an audience of enthusiasts, journalists and trade.

Villa del Cigliano attended this event as part of  the Chianti Classico group of producers and in particular he was the sole representative of the subzone San Casciano Val di Pesa.

A special attention was paid to the Chianti Classico Riserva Villa del Cigliano , vintage 2006, which successfully opened the tasting led by David Bonucci.

Villa del Cigliano ( Via Cigliano 17 – 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Firenze (google map)

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