Villa del Cigliano: “In the Garden, when it’s winter…”

We are visiting Villa del Cigliano in San Casciano Val di Pesa on a typical winter day and we are out, strolling around in the beauiful garden of the Villa: cold light, muted colors, magic reflections in the water, an odd balcony opening on to nothing or perhaps simply and romantically opening on the sky. Bizzare architecs inventions!
The large pool located at the center of the garden has been designed to reflect on one side the beautiful facade of the Villa and…
…looking from the opposite side, the amazing Neptune Fountain
Let’s find out what’s behind this door (during winter time!)
Lemons! Dozens of lemon trees put away for the winter and that will be brought back in the garden in the spring. We learn that the fashion of growing and keeping lemons in the garden dates back to the time of the Medici Family in Florence.
In the garden there is still the old cart once used to bring the big lemon vases and then bring them back out in the garden in spring.
A stubborn rose looks like waiting the end of winter
A magic fountain looks like out of a fairy tale
A few more strawberries in a big jar! We will come back to Villa del Cigliano to tell you the colors of spring. An excellent opportunity to take part in one of the many events that are organized here especially during the summer: art exhibitions, craft fairs, concerts and of course wine tastings

Villa del Cigliano ( Via Cigliano 17 – 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Firenze (google map)


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