Vigna Roda: “Sùgoli”

A delicious September surprise

Today, at Vigna Roda, we made “Sugoli” and here is how to prepare them. This is a typical September dessert from my area. Ingredients are simple: grape must and a little flour. Preparation is a bit complicated but …worth it.
You’ll have to get 3 or 4 Kg of wine grapes, ripe and sweet. For my Sugoli I have chosen Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyard that I dedicate to Scarlatto. Summer was very hot and grapes were extremely sweet this year! Even better for Sugoli.
Vigna Roda
So get the grapes, separate the stems and eliminate any rotten part or any dried grape

Then press grapes energetically and obtain must
Vigna Roda
Now it is time to heat skins and must until it boils. As soon as it begins to boil, remove from the fire and sift the skins.
Vigna Roda
Use a colander with small holes and make sure must is completely separated from skins and grapeseeds
Now you have your “pure” must and you can add flour, here are the quantities: a tablespoon of flour each scoop of must (or, if you prefer, 6 tablespoon of flour per 1 liter of must). No worries if you put a little bit more flour, you will only obtain a more dense, sill very good, Sugoli.
Vigna Roda
Be careful! Add flour sifting it so that it does not form lumps then bring it back to boiling until it thickens like a pudding, then pour it into little cups and wait for it to cool before enjoying it
Vigna Roda
This very special “pudding”, once covered with a film, can last for a week or more. Actually, after a few days, you may see little crystals forming on the surface, little white dots may appear on the surface. It is fructose, sugar crystals that give Sugoli e very special consistency!
Send me pictures of your Sugoli! Tell me how much you liked them or, even better, send me your Sugoli for tasting! I am so fond of them!

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