Vigna Roda vineyard

Vigna Roda: “Natural Wines from Natural Grape produced on Natural Land”

Working in harmony with nature…

Vigna Roda vineyard
2_Vigna_RodaThe new greens of “Sovescio” (green manure) are ready for Spring! In this plot of land we have sown black beans, triticale, white peas, white oats and rye. The practice called “Sovescio” replaces the chemical fertilization of the land respecting the balance of nature and the insects present in the fields. Around May, when these greens will be about one meter high and a little before they flower, we will mow them and we’ll work the soil slightly to be able to bury this “green manure” that will function as natural fertilizer. To us at Vigna Roda it is very important to help protecting the environment that is why, like in this case, we recover natural old methods of cultivation that do not impoverish or “kill” the earth like chemicals would do.

Natural Wines, come from Naturally grow Grape that is produced on Naturally cultivated Land, this is what we believe and practice.

Az. Agricola Strazzacappa Gianni ( via Monte Versa 1569 – 35030 VO’ Padova (google map)

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