Vetrere: “Winter pruning”

The vineyard, in February, is “naked”,vines show messy ramifications. Those are the ramifications that led to the vegetation of the previous year and are still there. The vine is apparently still in the cold of winter. “For us,” says Anna Maria Bruni, Agronomist and co-owner of Vetrere, “the pre-pruning, thinning of the branches, is mechanical. Here’s what the vine looks like before the work of the machine. As you can see the vegetation is messy and requires a first mechanical intervention that facilitates the second manual step of finishing “.
Then each vine is examined and they do what they called the “manual finish”. Anna Maria adds: “This carefull work is done to further check that all unusefull twigs are removed however its main purpose is to manually eliminate, with epert eyes and hands, those shoots in excess that would bring too much production and leave only those shoots that because of their vigor or position on the vine will carry better fruits. This first pruning of the year aims to achieve higher quality by decreasing the amount produced by each plant.”
It will be interesting to follow the stages of awakening of these same vines as spring arrives.

Azienda Agricola Vetrere ( Montemesola, 74123 Taranto (google map)

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