Venosa: “Wines with a music touch”

This is the slogan that accompanied the 2013 Verona Vinitaly Show of Cantina di Venosa. The reference to music was inspired by the celebrations for four hundred years after the death of Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa and eminent madrigal composer, a figure of international high cultural importance regarded as the founder of the polyphonic chant. In the above picture Antonio Teora Sales Director at Cantina di Venosa while he speaks with some visitors at the show.
One of the news presented by Cantina di Venosa at Vinitaly 2013 was the new packaging for the Vignali line of wines. First on left , dressed with an elegant black label, the Vignali Aglianico del Vulture doc
Una suggestiva immagine della facciata dello stand della Cantina di Venosa al Vinitaly. Ancora un riferimento musicale che ci riporta allo slogan: “Vini e Spumanti con sentori di musica”.

Cantina di Venosa ( Via Appia, Venosa, Potenza (google map)


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