Venosa: “Spollonatura” (Green Pruning)

We are in the vineyard today! Orazio Briscese, a long lasting passion for the Aglianico and an member of the Cantina di Venosa, is giving directions on how to proceed to the operations of “suckering” in an optimal way. Let’s try to better understand what “suckering”(in local dialect “Sparagn”) means.
Suckering is the process of pruning that takes place on the vine and that consist in removing the sprouts, born directly from “old wood”, the wood of adult vines, and which do not normally bear fruit.
The presence of these unproductive shoots creates a strong competition against sprouts present on the fruiting canes. It’s important to do this early intervention on the vines to prevent the suckers taking power away from the plant and also because when they become too long removing them is more difficult and may cause damaging the bark and the plant itself.
It ‘s a totally manual work that requires great patience and experience, as Orazio Biscese tells us.
A beautiful image of the vineyard with the Vulture Mountain in the background.

Cantina di Venosa ( Via Appia, Venosa, Potenza (google map)


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