Venosa and Gambero Rosso in New York

Venosa: “Cantina di Venosa in New York City with Gambero Rosso”

Wine dinner and meetings to promote Aglianico del Vulture doc

Venosa and Gambero Rosso in New York
A great night celebrating Aglianico del Vulture doc in New York City! Cantina di Venosa was amongst the top five best Aglianico del Vulture doc introduced and poured by Gambero Rosso at the “Basilicata Coast to Coast” Dinner at Costata Restaurant in New York City on Feb. 5th.
Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso in New York Cityt
Above is Marco Sabelli, from Gambero Rosso, who introduced the five Aglianico del Vulture doc beautifully paired with outstanding, innovative dishes. Cantina di Venosa presented Carato Venusio, Aglianico del Vulture doc 2008.
Carato Venusio
Above Francesco Perillo, President of Cantina di Venosa as he proudly poses with another great Aglianico del Vulture doc they produce: Gesualdo.
Venosa at Tre Bicchieri
Here Francesco Perillo and Antonio Teora (Sales Manager at Cantina di Venosa) as, the next day, they visited the “Tre Bicchieri 2014” Gambero Rosso event in New York City. We asked Antonio Teora what will he bring back home with him and here is what he said: “We had a very successful presentation and we are very proud of how our Carato Venusio, as well as ou other wines, showed at the dinner “Basilicata Coast to Coast”. We know that there is a lot to be done to introduce Aglianico del Vulture doc in the USA market and to spread the word about the specific features of Aglianico from Vulture versus other Aglianico from other Southern Italy areas, to tell people what is so special about it. There must be a good reason why people named Aglianico del Vulture doc “The Barolo of the South” and I am positive that our passion in producing high quality wines, supported by the great work from our importer in the US, Tricana, will make this project a very successful one!”
Cantina di Venosa ( Via Appia, Venosa, Potenza (google map)

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