Venosa: “Aglianico del Vulture and varole”

We are in Melfi, an ancient and beautiful town in Vulture Basilicata to attend an event which is held every year on Saturday and Sunday of the penultimate week of October, the “Festival of Varola.”
The Varola is a variety of local chestnut known for its unique flavours and celebrated at this festival through a gastronomic journey amongst a large number of booths where you can taste the delicious fruits in all possible ways and styles, from chestnut cakes to chestnut beer! !
No need to say that Varole are a perfect companion for a glass of Aglianico del Vulture doc. Above in the picture, Antonio Teora, Sales Manager of Cantina di Venosa is happy to let you taste in his stand at the the festival!
At nightfall dancing starts and everyone has the opportunity to recover from the “ culinary and drinking fatigues” singing and dancing.
t’s getting late, but Antonio is still waiting for the last wine lovers
With his “troops” deployed on the counter: from “Carato Venusio”, to “Gesualdo”, al “Terre d’Orazio”, different selections of Aglianico del Vulture doc vinificated in different styles, “Vignali Moscato” spumante and the very original flavors of “Dry Muscat Terre di Orazio” not many will be able to resist one last temptation before the party is over!
The moon on Melfi’s Cathedral greets you. Cantina di Venosa, and all Basilicata looks forward to meeting you at the next edition of the festival, or perhaps in the cellar for a tour in the beautiful vineyards of this magnificent area!

Cantina di Venosa ( Via Appia, Venosa, Potenza (google map)


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