Unmaredivino: “What’s different in our “Vermentino di Gallura docg”

Today we want to show you how we, at Unmaredivino vinificate our Vermentino and to do that we have drawn a diagram illustrating the various steps of the process and the differences of this approach compared to the traditional and more widespread vinification system.

In this scheme the boxes and arrows colored in black represent the phases of the traditional processing while the boxes and red arrows cover the specific, additional steps that we implement. It ‘ s important to note that working with the traditional method takes about two hours for the entire cycle, while our method takes a week!
From vineyard grapes are brought to a refrigerated truck where they stay for 24-48 hours at a temperature of 0 ° C. This is the first difference with the traditional practice which provides for grapes to be taken straight from vineyards to destemmer.
From the refrigerated truck grape continues its path to the destemmer-crusher, and from there, instead of going to the press, as it is usually the case, the must remains in a steel tank at temperatures below 0 ° C for 48-72 hours where it macerates on the skins before going to the press. Then the so called “first pressing must”, the most noble part of the juice obtained from soft pressing, goes from the press to a tank for settling. Here the juice remains for another 24-36 hours, always at about 0 °C.
This laborious method of vinification is used for both “Bianco Smeraldo”, Vermentino di Gallura docg Superiore and “Terra e Mare”, Vermentino di Gallura docg . The difference between these two wines comes from all-natural elements that relate to the age of the two vineyards where the grape comes from, the soil and the exposure of the two different vineyards.

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