Unmaredivino: “Three generations at the first harvest in Muros”

This is my father, Pietrino Sini, who saw many harvests in the historic family vineyard of Su Cabrileddu, planted in 1949, and now he enjoys the first harvest in the new vineyard of Muros! My grandfather, who was also named Gioacchino, bought this land after he went to seek his fortune in America! My father went to work in Milan to save money needed to plant our new vineyard. I, Gioacchino Sini, had the honor of creating Unmaredivino Winery and made a dream come through: to see our wine served in the best restaurants and most qualified stores in Italy and abroad.

On 22nd September 2013 we have picked the “little bunches” of the first harvest in our new vineyard of Muros. These small, first harvest, bunches, in Sardinian dialect, are named “Iscaluzzasas” and the wine from their first harvest is called “Pastinu” a word that in our dialect underlines how exceptional is to get wine from such small size clusters and how low the yield per hectare is. Figure that this year each vine has produced 1.76 oz of grapes! In the picture see my wife, my two daughters (the third generation) and myself, happy to enjoy this important day for Unmaredivino

The women, from Sini’s Family, are proudly showing the small clusters of the first harvest of Vermentino grapes in Muros.

Unmaredivino (www.unmaredivino.it) Via C. Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9 – 07022 Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio (google map)


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