Unmaredivino: “The new vineyard at Muros”

In 2012 Gioacchino Sini, owner of Unmaredivino started working at his new vineyard in Muros. Here are some phases of his hard work:

Before planting the vines you need to prepare the soil. Here Gioacchino took off the many stones from the soil building them in long rows to be then removed.

Then he made a trench covering the entire perimeter of the vineyard and put all the piled stones in the trance. At the end of the work this area will be covered with soil and will serve as a path servicing the area.

Furthermore the trench and the stones are used, along with pipes, to drain the soil to avoid possible dangerous floods.

This is a beautiful oversight of the new vineyard during the works in progress. You can clearly see the rows of stones that we described before.

Finally on March 14th, 2012 Gioacchino Sini plants his new vineyard. In this picture his father, Pietrino Sini, looks at the work done with a satisfied expression. Works have lasted nine long months!

Look at the small vines hardly visible.

And here Gioacchini Sini proudly tells us: “dedicated, professional, consistent work always pays”. On September 1st, 2012, the new Muros shows his uniform growth, best sign that works have been carried out properly. Complimenti!

Unmaredivino (www.unmaredivino.it) Via C. Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9 – 07022 Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio (google map)

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