Unmaredivino: “Bacchus Restaurant, Cherries in Unmaredivino”

There are many ways to surprise your senses! At Bacchus, the beautiful Restaurant located inside the Olbia Jazz Hotel, Chef Agostino Vinci pampers his guests with “culinary appointments” dedicated to local products.
Saturday, June 1st he chose to celebrate cherries, and their very many facets when using them in the kitchen, with a menu named “My cherry”. Each course was expertly paired with wines from Gioacchino Sini, Unmaredivino Winery
Here he is, at work, while showing us the preparation of this wonderful “Lobster loin with cherries and onions”. This appetizer was paired with Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Terra & Mare, 2011 from Unmaredivino. A wine with intense aromas of Mediterranean woods, apples and grapefruit. A fresh, fulfilling, elegant wine with a long finish. In the mouth all these hints delicately come together like on a well balanced, beautiful color palette.
“Bacchus concept” the Chef says “starts from a constant research for the most authentic expressions of our land and culture. A culinary art in which tradition and interpretation are able to communicate the true soul of the place. For us food and territory are two concepts that complement each other. Our cuisine starts from our territory, our tradition, it acquires this land strong identity and only then we can enhance and transform it into something new”
How could you possibly resist the temptation of such a pleasure for the eyes and for the palate: “Chocolate Spumone (frothy dessert) in a cherry soup.” This dessert was wonderfully paired with Passito Smeraldo, Isola dei Nuraghi IGT 2010, from Unmaredivino Winery. Chef Agostino Vinci offered us a token of his “culinary art” and here’s the recipe for this delicious dessert:
Serves 2 persons

For the Spumone (frothy dessert):

  • 2 maximum 3 egg yolks (depending on eggs size)
  • 0.88 lb of sugar
  • 200 ml. of water
  • 0.73 lb of dark chocolate (70%)
  • 1 L whipped cream

For the cherry syrup:

  • 1.1 lb of pitted cherries
  • 150 ml. red wine
  • 0.55 lb of sugar
  • 1.9 oz of ground cinnamon

Cook the sugar in the water until you get to 250 º F, meanwhile whip the yolks. Pour the syrup into the whipped egg yolks, contact with the hot syrup provides for the yolks to cook, add the chocolate that will also melt into an homogeneous mixture. Let everything cool then stir in the whipped cream. Delicately put the mixture in a “pastry bag” and you are ready to form the dessert on the serving plate.
For the syrup mix sugar, cinnamon and cherries and sauté them in a pan, add the wine and let it evaporate then pour the syrup to garnish the plate. In the above picture Chef Agostino Vinci gave his final touch by adding a cream puff on top of the “Spumone”. Enjoy!

Unmaredivino (www.unmaredivino.it) Via C. Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9 – 07022 Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio (google map)


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