Unmaredivino: “A bite for lunch at Gioacchino’s”

Traditional recipes and premium quality wines for a week end in Gallura

Terra e Mare at Gioacchino Sini house for a tasting
We are here in Berchidda for a big annual tasting of Gioacchino Sini’s, Unmaredivino, wines. We do this every year to revisit quality and consistency of his wines. He says “we will have a byte”.

Zuppa berchiddese
Here is what a “byte” is in Sardinia!! Wow
We are eating at his place and family is cooking for us: “Zuppa Berchiddese” a very special dish typical of Berchidda. I would describe it as a sort of lasagna made of Sardinia bread “schiacciatina”, a tomato sauce, a broth from sheep, “pecorino” from the area and a special sweet cheese “filante” that, when cooked, melts creating long threads of cheese. We saw the final preparation of this dish and it’s amazing.(and a lot of work too!)
Preparation of Zuppa Berchiddese
Here is the broth, the tomato sauce and the bread made into pieces. Everything is ready for the “magic”
Preparation of Zuppa Berchiddese
Here is the “filante” cheese cut into small pieces
Preparation of Zuppa Berchiddese
Here they start putting all ingredients one by one slowly into the broth pan. Mind they keep stirring continuously so that all ingredients melt together
Preparation of Zuppa Berchiddese
More cooking and stirring and we are ready to go and eat!
Zuppa Berchiddese in the plate
Here is what “Zuppa Berchiddese” looks like in my plate. Yummy! Now I have a clearer idea of what a “byte for lunch” means in Berchidda and…it’s not all!
Preparation of Seadas
The cook had also prepared a typical dessert “Seadas” a kind of large, round “Raviolo” with a local, tyical sheep cheese inside. It gets fried and then…
Passito Smeraldo and Seadas
Here it is they serve in your plate covered with beautiful honey melted on the “Seadas”. Seadas pair perfectly with Gioacchino Sini’s “Passito Smeraldo

Unmaredivino (www.unmaredivino.it) Via C. Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9 – 07022 Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio (google map)

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