The project – Unmaredivino


Gioacchino Sini lives and works in Berchidda in the North East of Sardinia, right in the heart of Gallura, in an area with a strong vocation for wine production, halfway between Mount Acuto and the sea. Son of farmers, tied to his land by a deep love, Gioacchino was educated in northern Italy before returning to Sardinia where he now lives with his family and where, helped by his father Pietrino, has made his dream come through: to make quality wines representing, in the glass, his Gallura. The first vineyard, in the area named “Su crabileddu”, was planted in 2000, then in 2012 he planted the second vineyard in the area called “Muros”. Visiting, with Gioacchino Sini, his property is an experience that speaks a lot about his personality and the style of his wines: the soil, slopes, exposures, hydraulics, plant, cultivated varieties, the system of pruning, the yields. Nothing is left to chance in his vineyards because the vine must be given the opportunity to express, through the grapes, and then in the glass the beauty and intensity of Gallura.

Unmaredivino ( Via C. Alberto Dalla Chiesa, 9 – 07022 Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio (google map)


Vermentino, Carignano, Muristellu, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon e Sangiovese Grosso


  • IGT Colli del Limbara (Red) Rosso Smeraldo / Carignano,cab. Savignon , Merlot, Cab.Franc Sangiovese Muristellu
  • IGT Colli del Limbara (Red) Terra e Mare / Sangiovese ad acino grosso VCR 103 BIOTIPO LAMONE Muristellu, Merlot
  • IGT Colli del Limbara (Red) Oltremare / Carignano, Muristellu, Merlot, Cabernet
  • DOCG Vermentino di Gallura Superiore (White) Bianco Smeraldo / Vermentino
  • DOCG Vermentino di Gallura (White)Terra e Mare / Vermentino
  • IGT Isola dei Nuraghi (White) Passito Smeraldo / Moscato Passito e Vermentino (sweet)


Michele Tamponi


Michele Tamponi, Gioacchino Sini


8 ha. owned (of which 4 ha from first planted Vineyard and 4 ha planted in 2012), 1 ha rented


Yields in the vineyards at Unmaredivino are kept strictly low to enhance the quality of the grapes. The wines, of the highest quality, clean, and extraordinarily long-lived, are a sincere representation of the territory and the soil from which they come from. Gioacchino bottles each vintages only once a year and the bottles are numbered. The quality of Gioacchino’s Vermentino, the notoriety of Vermentino itself, and in particular the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, his definitely a driver in this interesting selection of wines, however reds are the big, extremely pleasant surprise of this range. These are wines that use indigenous grapes as well as international varietals, they are the result of blends that, every year, after all the varietals have been fermented separately, find their unique balance producing wines that are the perfect expression of this part of Gallura. The ideal commercial partner for Unmaredivino is attentive to the quality and authenticity of the wines, the winery wants to build long term commercial relationships. Gioacchino Sini wines address to those operators, in the wine industry, who care to offer and distribute original, authentic wines.