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Leaving Rome, heading East, the air immediately smells mountains. The city is very close and yet the atmosphere is so different. The small town, which marks the exit of the highway, is called Castel Madama. You will reach Tenuta Colfiorito after climbing for a while up the hills, just before entering Castel Madama. One feels in a place of simple, discreet elegance, in a “beloved and cared for” home where personal memories are preserved. It is here that the Ramondelli family has gathered for several generations. It is here that Giuseppe Ramondelli, well respected Notary Public in Rome, and his wife Paola, gave continuity to the many family summers spent here, crops to be taken care of and oil and grape seasons rolling one after the other. It’s here that they redesigned productions, especially in the vineyards, with new vines and new grafts. The idea, the project is to reinforce their tie to this territory, suspended between Abruzzo and Lazio, and do their best to express its authenticity. The farm is certified Certified Organic since 2001. Mrs. Paola is in charge of welcoming guests (there are 13 delightful apartments and elegant venues for receptions and parties) and managing the farm: she is the “Frantoiana” (the person in charge of the Olive Mill). In the farm there is a small oil mill where the family processes the important quantity of olives produced in the over 20 ha of olive groves. As for the vineyards, a significant portion of the 4.7 ha has been planted ex-novo in 2012 while the remaining part, the so called “old vineyard”, has seen many seasons and produces beautiful grapes. In the selection of varieties and in the way they design wines, wine makers Daniele Di Mambro and Vittorio Fiorelli, wanted to tell the story of this territory, emphasizing on one hand the Abruzzi origins of the Ramondelli family: with Montepulciano and Pecorino; on the other, the location in Lazio: with Cesanese, Greco and Malvasia. Elegant, clean, deep, intoned wines with very limited use of wood (used only for Montepulciano and with great discretion) these are the salient features of this production.


Montepulciano, Cesanese, Sangiovese, Pecorino, Incrocio Manzoni, Greco, Malvasia


  • IGT Lazio, Montepulciano, “Masnadiero” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Cesanese, “Assolo” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Sangiovese e Cesanese, “Villa Cocceia” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Cesanese e Montepulciano, “Tratto Rosso” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Incrocio Manzoni, “La Loggia” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Pecorino, “Il Trovatore” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Greco e Malvasia, “Sirgente” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Greco e Pecorino, “Tratto Giallo” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Montepulciano, “Rosa dei Venti” (Rosè)
  • IGT Lazio, Montepulciano e Cesanese, “Donna Margherita” (Rosè)


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Tenuta Colfiorito ( Strada Provinciale 40/a n.31, 00024 Castel Madama – Tivoli RM (google map)