The project – Leonucci


Stefano Leonucci is a farmer with a great passion for his vineyards and his wine. Stubbornly he made his dream come through planting a new vineyard to produce wine of absolute excellence. His family owns 70 ha of land on the hills of Montignano, in the municipality of Massa Martana in Umbria. Here he has planted 10 hectares of vineyard cultivating Sagrantino grapes (8.5 ha), Merlot (1.5 ha) and 0.3 ha of Lugliolo, an ancient white grape variety that Leonucci is patiently and carefully trying to save from extinction. His work in the fields shows, alongside with his passion, the meticulous care of those who love the land and respect it, the genius for “making good wine” that mother nature has given him as well as the humility to cooperate with a professional winemaker of recognized fame. Its lands are located along the route of the ancient Via Flaminia, once leading to Rome. The numerous findings, occurred during the plowing of the vineyard, of fragments of amphorae and jars for the transport and storage of wine and oil are evidences that these lands were and are, since the Roman times, particularly suitable for high quality agricultural productions.

Azienda Leonucci ( Montignano Voc. Cimemmene, 43, Massa Martana, Perugia – (google map)


Sagrantino, Merlot, Lugliolo (non ancora in produzione)


  • Red Wine / Re del Sole / 100% Sagrantino
  • Red Wine/ Montignanello / 85% Sagrantino, 15% Merlot


Maurilio Chioccia


Stefano Leonucci


70 ha (10 are vineyards)


From a commercial point of view Stefano Leonucci’s wines represent a challenge. He produces wines almost exclusively from the precious Sagrantino grapes. He is outside the area of DOCG Sagrantino or DOC Montefalco so, by law, there cannot be no famous appellations on the label, no mention of the precious grape on the label. Leonucci does not mind it at all! With all his stubbornness claims that his small quality wine production should be appreciated for what it is: an excellent glass of wine, not because it is part of a prestigious area or a famous appellation. These wines are to be tasted, enjoyed over telling the story of where and how they are cultivated. Small, unquestionable excellence, for specialized and high-quality distributions.