The project – Le Grotte


We met Rag. Franco Dell’Erba, founder of the homonymous company, and his son Pasquale in Apricena where they successfully manage Gruppo Franco Dell’Erba, world leader in mining and processing of Apricena Marble. Pasquale Dell’Erba is also founder and owner of Cantine Le Grotte. With them we visited the family quarries, witnessed to sophisticated processing of marble using most advanced technology then we took a long tour in the vineyards and visited the brand new cellar. Once back in the office this is what Franco Dell’Erba, the father, told us: “I was born to a family of farmers, in my life I have always worked with commitment, dedication and seriousness. I created a company that exports quality marble around the world and now, with Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that we produce in the family farm, we want to follow the same logic: dedication, professionalism and technology to obtain the best that this land can express “. The winery, recently built, is located next to the headquarter of the marble factory, within the farm property which consists of 1000 ha (50 ha covered with vineyards). We are in the Northern part of Puglia, at the foot of the Gargano National Park. From the winery, looking East, you see the Lake Lesina, the Adriatic Sea and, on days with good visibility, Tremiti Islands. The indigenous grape, par excellence, in this area, is Nero di Troia (a vine that has been grown in this area for centuries) that Cantine Le Grotte vinificates as single varietal and ages it in stainless steel. The range includes a Syrah also aged in stainless steel and a “powerful” Falanghina. All wines show a very specific personality and an intriguing palate profile thanks, first of all, to the minerality and texture of the soil.
This is a winery with many ambitious projects, a winery with strong entrepreneurial and agricultural traditions and a clear goal: “do it right”, as the Dell’Erba’s say there is only one way of carrying on projects: “meticulously right”. Wine production is carefully taken care by a young, high profile, Winemaker, very passionate about his work, Dr. Ciro Spadone, trained in Piedmont, where he earned his Master Degree and where he built the foundations of his experience. The entire operation is carefully supervised by Director Biagio Cruciani who has witnessed this wine project since day one including supervising the design and construction of the winery building. This Wine Project is moving its initial steps and we will make sure to follow all developments!

Cantine Le Grotte ( San Nazario km 4.00 Contrada “Le Grotte”
71011, Apricena (FG) (google map)


Nero di Troia, Syrah, Merlot, Montepulciano, Petit Verdot, Falanghina, Moscato, Bombino, Trebbiano. E’ in programma a breve l’impianto delle nuove vigne di Primitivo e Chardonnay


  • IGP Puglia (Red) Nero di Troia / Nero di Troia 100%
  • IGP Puglia (Red) Syrah / Syrah 100%
  • IGP Puglia (White) / Falanghina / Falanghina 100%


Dr. Ciro Spadone


Biagio Cruciani


1000 ha (50 ha vineyards)


As said this is a brand new wine project. There is already a plan to expand from the current range and include, in the short/medium term, other wines with a well planned, gradual growth. The current range is representative of the “terroir” and significant in terms of image. With a precise wine making choice, the three wines currently available age only in stainless steel, the idea is to “highlight” the fruit and its expression from this territory. Nero di Troia, a vine that has been present in this area for centuries, still relatively known abroad, is definitely the wine that best represents this land, a vine and a wine that especially abroad represent “the news” in the Apulian wine making scene. Syrah, well known all over the world, attracts for the unique fruit it expresses from this land. Falanghina vine is widespread in this area (not only in Campania!). The minerality of this soil guarantees Le Grotte’s Falanghina a body and a power that does not reach in any other area. The Dall’Erba’s want to build a wine project with the same patience and seriousness they have put in building their marble project over the years. They have a reputation for quality and an image of solidity. In the wine business, offering their wines overseas, they are looking for commercial partners, importers and distributors, who like to play with wines from a relatively less known area/varietal enjoying the quality and specificity this land offers.