The project – Enologica Cassara’


Antonello Cassarà, agronomist and entrepreneur in the wine business, has achived a four generations long family dream. A dream, or better call it a project, that has its roots deep in Alcamo where Grandfather Rocco, at the beginning of ‘900, was selling wine. The Cassarà family gets its grapes from the wide production area of the Alcamo DOC. We are close to the coast, in the North Western part of Sicily, where the “taste of sea” is a constant element in the air and where Cassarà cultivates both native and international grapes. In 2007 the winery was been completely renovated and currently enjoys the best technology, expertise and spaces required to produce quality wines: “Authentic Sicilian Wines”. Antonello Cassarà has direct control of all production phases. The cellar is equipped with laboratories for a constant quality control of all production cycles. The winery and the nearby production plant of concentrated musts, both owned by the Cassarà family, are powered by a photovoltaic installation, positioned on the roofs, that grants the two activities the necessary energy in total respect of the environment.


  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Red) Favula / Nero d’Avola
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Red) Cannìtu / Nero d’Avola
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Red) Cannìtu / Syrah
  • DOC Alcamo (Red) Solcanto / Nero d’Avola
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Red) Kilim / Cabernet,Merlot
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Red) Ellissi / Nero d’avola , Merlot
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (Rosè) Cannitu /Nero d’Avola
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (White) Favula / Catarratto
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (White) Cannìtu / Grillo
  • DOC Alcamo (White) Solcanto / Catarratto
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (White) Kilim / Chardonnay
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (White) Zibì / Zibibbo
  • IGT Terre Siciliane (White) Jacaranda / Sauvignon Blanc


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Enologica Cassara’ ( Contrada Fiume S.S. 113 Km., 91011 Alcamo, Trapani (google map)