The project – Colle di San Domenico


Passion, professionalism and courage in the experience and daily work of Stefano Violano, young Entrepreneur from Irpinia. Since a few years he has taken over management of the family cellar, Colle di San Domenico, founded by his father in 1998. Stefano’s strong pride for his land, Irpinia, clearly emerges when talking to him. This is a land so profoundly different , geologically , culturally and by traditions, from all the surrounding areas. Colle di San Domenico Wines were born from a deep knowledge of this land , soil and climatic conditions of this part of Italy where you can breathe “mountain” air being only a few tens of kilometers away from the sea. Stefano personally supervises all works in the vineyards; with curiosity and stubbornness personally assesses and reviews all phases of winemaking. The winery is equipped with most modern technology and full control is taken from the vineyards to the final bottle. The purpose is to make sure that the patrimony of flavors and aromas provided by this land is brought to the glass when opening a bottle of Colle San Domenico Wines. Stefano and his family are aware that consumers are very demanding, may have different drinking habits, different ages and may be very far away from Irpinia still what Stefano wants is to let them enjoy a sip of this land. So tasting his wines you will learn how crispy and intense his white wines are and how some of the reds are very soft and ready to be drank while other demand more attention and perhaps some food to enjoy with. All those wines will give consumers a message to be interpreted, the message from Irpinia Land

Colle di San Domenico ( Via Ofantina, Chiusano Di San Domenico 83040 Avellino (google map)


Greco, Fiano, Aglianico, Falanghina


  • IGT Campania Falanghina (White)
  • IGT Campania Greco (White)
  • DOC Falanghina del Sannio V.Tardiva (White)
  • DOCG Fiano di Avellino (White)
  • DOCG Greco di Tufo (White)
  • IGT Campania Aglianico (Red)
  • DOC Irpinia Aglianico (Red)
  • DOC CAMPI TAURASINI Aglianico “Principe” (Red)
  • DOC CAMPI TAURASINI Aglianico “Aglucus” (Red)
  • DOCG Taurasi riserva (Red)


Stefano Violano


Antonio Cipolletta


10 ha with a production capacity for 300 000 bottles per year. Currently the winery bottles only 100 000 bottles per year


Campania Wines have, over the last fifteen years, won a good position in many overseas markets , especially the more mature ones . Some denominations such as the Greco , Fiano or Falanghina begin to assert themselves and are highly appreciated even in those markets that are more recent to wine consumption. Colle di San Domenico offers a wide range of wines, all from indigenous varietals , all of great quality. Wines are positioned in different price tiers to satisfy the needs of a good range of markets and consumers. The goal of Colle di San Domenico , with respect to overseas markets, is to find business partners , appreciative of the specificity, the “indigenous personality” of their wines. Their ideal commercial partner should introduce them to the right distribution channels and to the right customers keeping in mind that, for example, all white wines produced by Colle San Domenico are absolutely fantastic when paired with many dishes of the most famous Asian Cuisines and that all reads, including, above all, Taurasi docg, are great Steak House wines.