The Project – Cantine Monfort


At the beginning it was called Cantina Simoni and was located in Palù Giovo, in the Cembra Valley, where it was founded, in 1945, by Giovanni Simoni, grandfather of Lorenzo, the current owner. In 1951 the business moved to Lavis, in the Province of Trento. This was an important step by which the winery acquired more functional and better equipped space thus allowing a constant growth. Then in 1958, the winery moved to the location, in Lavis, where they still currently are, a building named Monfort, once a noble family residence. Lorenzo Simoni, along with his son Federico and daughter Chiara, runs the business: “… We believe that our future is based on a constant and determined promotion of our territory. The future of our winery is to stand for projects that care about our land, where we live and produce, and develop its potential”. Standing consistent with this “mission” Lorenzo is involved in several projects to recover and enhance ancient vines almost extinct and has contributed to the preservation of mountain viticulture, that providing for extremely fragmented pieces of land and vineyards, needs, in order to continue to exist, not only hard work but also great collaboration between small, sometimes very small, producers who together can enjoy a “great vision”. In this area a producer should not only know how to grow vines, he must be able to hold together a network of “relationships, and precious hands” that work well in the vineyards and love their land. Cantine Monfort use only Trentino grapes cultivated with an integrated, sustainable production system, that respects the natural biological balance.

Cantine Monfort s.r.l. ( Via Carlo Sette, 21 – 38015 Lavis, Trento (google map)


Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Muller Thurgau, Traminer, Marzemino, Teroldego, Wanderbara, Veltliner Rosato, Nosiola, Vernaza, Moscato, San Lorenzo, Portoghese, Lagrein, Pinot Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Moscato Giallo, Moscato Rosa, Pinot Bianco


  • DOC Teroldego Rotaliano (Red) CasataMonfort/ Teroldego
  • DOC Trentino (Red) CasataMonfort/ Marzemino
  • IGT Blanc de Sers Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Red) CasataMonfort / Vanderbara, Veltliner rosso, Nosiola, Vernaza, Moscato
  • IGT Saint Laurent Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Red) CasataMonfort / San Lorenzo
  • DOC Trentino (Red) CasataMonfort / Pinot Nero
  • DOC Trentino (Red) CasataMonfort / Lagrein
  • IGT Rosso Donna Marina Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Red) CasataMonfort / Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Nero
  • IGT Pinot Grigio Rosè Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Rosè) CasataMonfort / Pinot Grigio
  • DOC Trento Monfort Brut (Rosè, spumante, classic method) CasataMonfort/ Pinot Nero
  • DOC Trentino (White) CasataMonfort/ Chardonnay
  • DOC Trentino (White) CasataMonfort/ Pinot Grigio
  • DOC Trentino (White) CasataMonfort/ Muller Thurgau
  • DOC Trentino (White) CasataMonfort/ Gewürztraminer – Traminer Aromatico
  • IGT Monfort Giallo Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Sweet White) CasataMonfort/ Moscato Giallo
  • DOC Trento Monfort Brut (White, spumante, classic method) CasataMonfort/ Chardonnay


Iachemet Maurizio


Iachemet Maurizio


40 ha


Cantine Monfort offers a territory even before offering their wines. They work and focus on productive projects that enhance the peculiarity and originality of this type of mountain viticulture. The winery is aware that some of the grapes processed are unknown to most consumers however they consider this as their strength, originality, authenticity factor. Lorenzo Simoni offers wines with great ratio between quality and price and is very active in supporting his business partners with visits, working together, training and publication of educational materials, knowing that his wines sell for the story they carry with them as well as for their high quality and originality.