The project – Cantine Lupo


When, in the nineties, the Lupo family bought the farm in Campoverde, the area known as the Agro Pontino, a few tens of kilometers South of Rome, they bet on the development of this area and the wine vocation of this land delimited to the West and South by the Tyrrhenian Sea, to the east by the foothills of the Apennines and to the North by the Colli Albani. Passion for this land was accompanied by the experience of high profile professional technicians who analyzed all environmental, climatic and soil conditions. Only after a careful experimentation in the field they decided what were the varieties, types of clones, rootstocks and the right training system to produce quality wines on this land. Choices made were based on innovation and always backed up by precise knowledge of all the elements that concurred in this project. The goal that Antonello Lupo, owner with his family of Cantine Lupo, gave himself, and always pursued with the help of skilled professionals, was to produce wines with a distinctive personality. These are wines that are born in the vineyard and find their full expression in the cellar. These are wines that speak about themselves even with their image, their packaging: simple, elegant, innovative and at the same time established and traditional. These are wines that you can enjoy for their complex easiness and pleasantness.


Merlot, Syrah, Cesanese, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Vermentino


  • IGT Lazio, Vermentino, “Terra Marique” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Vermentino Vendemmia Tardiva, “Terra Marique Aurum” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Vermentino Passito, “Kefi” (Bianco) sweet
  • IGT Lazio, Merlot, “Rosa Merlot”(Rosè)
  • IGT Lazio, Merlot, “Primolupo” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Syrah, “Syranto” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Petit Verdot e Tannat, “Perseide” (Red)


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Cantine Lupo ( Via Mediana Cisterna 27 – 04011 Campoverde – Aprilia – Latina (google map)