The project – Caber Beer


Behind every company there is a personal story. Behind Caber Beer there is a family: the Caberlons. The father started it. For many years he worked as an engineer specialized in equipment for breweries by dint of “visiting and working in breweries”, decided to test himself in production. His genuine passion for beer was therefore combined with a solid experience with breweries’ technology. Renzo started to produce beer for the pleasure and enjoyment of a small circle of friends and family thus attracting the attention of his own kids, Alessio and Erika, who then convinced him to start, all together, a new professional project. The result is Caber Beer.
We are in Umbria, where the presence of Cerb, Center of Excellence for Research on Beer, has contributed, along with very favourable environmental conditions, to create a “breeding ground” for important initiatives around beer. Located just outside the beautiful city of Spoleto Caber Beer is equipped with leading edge technology and is environmentally conscious: from the choice of using clean energy produced by 100 square meters of their own PV system, to a system of energy recover and solar thermal panels. By-products of waste are delivered to local farmers to be used as food for animals. Green technology is thus serving brewing!
Caber currently has a production capacity of 100,000 liters per year with the possibility of expansion up to 500,000 liters / year.
Caber Beers style is based on simple concepts: “pleasure without extravagance”, a balanced use of hops combined with a wise use of blended malts. Simple concepts that are backed by incessant research and a careful selection of ingredients, natural raw materials of very high quality. These are Caber Beers: full-bodied, with exciting fruit, unfiltered and non pasteurized.

Caber Beer ( Via delle Industrie 12 – 06049 Spoleto (Pg) (google map)


  • Italian Golden Ale, blond, artisanal – “Ca’ber”
  • Belgian Strong Golden Ale, blond, artisanal – “24 Carati”
  • Belgian Strong Dark Ale, red, artisanal – “Marte”
  • Imperial Stout, dark, artisanal – “Secondo Me”


Available in bottle (750 and 330 ml) and 20 lt. kegs, Caber Beers have a young image that makes them suitable for all distribution channels: pub, stores and restaurants where food pairing has no limits. Production capacity, based on parameters of Italian craft beer producers, can be defined medium with good space for growth, in terms of physical space and architecture of the system. This makes Caber Beer the right partner for both the typical beer importers/distributors, who want to diversify their portfolio adding quality Italian beers, as well as for traditional wine importers/distributors willing to add artisanal beers which, by their nature, are easily assimilated, in terms of way of selling, to wine (lots of food pairing ideas!). Shelf life for Caber beers is 24 months, a fair time when considering a longer distribution cycle overseas. So, what’s the goal for the Caberlons? A gradual but steady growth overseas working with the right partners who focus on quality of distribution rather than just volumes.