The project – Brunz


The Brunz Brewery in Vinci, Tuscany, and the Brunz Brew Pub in the nearby town of Empoli, were born from the initiative of two brothers : Bruno ( a.k.a. Brunz ) and Stefano Bianucci . Bruno, who, still a teenager, would love helping making a home production of Vin Santo, at age 16 met his vocation by accident, while browsing in his uncle store selling equipment and all sorts of materials for wine making . There he found a kit for making beer. He was fascinated by the idea and, back home , he began to prepare his first “brew” . He diligently kept trying and perfecting his production quality, until in 2008, Bruno decided that he was ready, got his brother on board (in fact they had been working together since 1992 in their family bar in Empoli), and opened a Pub where their own production of Craft Beer would be poured. While getting ready for the grand opening Bruno noticed, in one of the old pictures that he was hanging to decorate the pub, a label with the name ” Birra Livorno” (Livorno is one of the largest and best known Harbor Towns in Italy). This was a well-known brand in the 30s of the Twentieth Century. The two brothers decided to buy the brand and bring it back to new life. The success of the Pub soon brought new business and shortly after they started to distribute their craft beer to restaurants in the area and then to the retail business. In 2010 , encouraged by the increase in sales , Bruno and Stefano Bianucci have expanded their production moving into the new Brewery in Vinci, where they added, to the existing Livorno Brand, the new Brunz Brand, adding a line with a modern image: same quality beers and more choice to the market. The new brewery has a production capacity of 12hl and a cellar capacity of 90hl.The plant includes an indoor bottling and packaging line with bottle rinsing, isobaric filling , capping and labeling . The annual production reaches about 2000hl , both in kegs and bottles (330 and 750ml).

Brunz Birreria e Birrificio Artigianale ( Via Ponte Bagnolo 20 – Vinci 50059 (FI) (google map)


  • Blonde Golden Ale, craft beer – “Birra Livorno Bionda”
  • Red American Pale Ale, craft beer – “Birra Livorno Amaranto”
  • Blond Ale, bionda, craft beer – “Brunz”
  • Blonde Triple Ale, craft beer – “Extra Strong”
  • Red Bitter Ale, craft beer – “Regia Rossa”
  • Red IPA, craft beer – “La Robusta”


Like it often happens in the Craft Beer world, Brunz Brewery was born as a “home brewing” passion. The initial “amateur passion” soon developed into a professional project involving appropriate skills, techniques and technologies as well as another (useful) passion: that for accuracy of the details that Bruno and Stefano Bianucci have shown since the very beginning of their experience at the Brew Pub.
Their growth has been gradual, entrepreneurially well thought out and for this solid . Today, in Italy, Brunz Brewery sells to the horeca business as well as the retail business including some major supermarket chains in the Region of Tuscany where Brunz is located. The brewery plant , properly designed to allow a gradual increase in production capacity, is among the most modern facilities for craft beer production and grants a constant monitoring of the production processes. The good results with Birra Livorno encourages our optimism for the success of the new brand Brunz, which completes our offer in terms of variety and quality of the products.