De Falco: “The Procession of the Mysteries on Easter Good Friday “

Here some very interesting images of a famous procession that takes place every year in Procida Island on Easter Good Friday. This tradition dates back to the early 17th century and was started by the Jesuits that is why those who actively participate at the procession wear a white dress with a bleu cape.


Picture from Salvatore Antonucci

The mysteries are episodes of the Old Testament or the Gospel and are grouped by religious theme. The procession begins with the sound of a trumpet, and the response of three drumbeats.


Picture from Salvatore Antonucci

The Parade of the Mysteries goes on , with religious statues, the beautiful statue of the Dead Christ (XVIII of Carmine Lantriceni) and the Madonna (XIX century), the “Pallium” (funeral canopy). The band of the island follows playing funerary music then all local religious, civil and military authorities deom the island and the general public.


Picture from Salvatore Antonucci

Kids too are actively involved in the procession.


Picture from Salvatore Antonucci

Above a great view of the Procida Island Marina on a sunny March day this past Good Friday. In Campania there is no week without a Festival, a Procession or a celebration that often take place with a script worthy of the best theaters!

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