Tenuta Frassineto: “Podere del Vento NO SULFITES”

Science and knowledge produce quality even without sulfites

Here is what Massimo Bartolini, Wine Maker at Tenuta Frassineto, tells us about the story of why and how Podere del Vento was created.

Let’s start from the assumption that natural fermentation of a must, without man’s control, leads to the production of vinegar and not wine! Wine, which is obtained halfway between must and vinegar, is an unstable product that results from oenological processes, including use of sulfur dioxide, implemented to ensure stability. Sulfur dioxide is used in enology for its important antioxidant, preservative and antiseptic actions.
Tenuta Frassineto
Many, especially in recent years, have spent words, not always positive, about using this component. It should be noted that sulfur dioxide is one of the most common preservatives used in the food and drink industry and that its use is not limited to wine making! So once we have cleared the ground from unnecessary demonization of sulfites I’d like to explain why, at Tenuta di Frassineto, we decided to produce a wine, Podere del Vento, that does not use sulfites at all.

The most immediate answer is that we wanted to take into account the needs of a market where, especially in the last ten to fifteen years, the number of consumers with intolerance or allergy reactions to food and beverages has increased exponentially.

However, there is also the Wine Maker answer that concerns the pleasure of actually producing this type of wine! The challenge that goes with it: studying and knowing all the chemical-physical aspects of grapes maturation in the field and then those of the transformation of grapes into wine . The goal is to produce a wine, a Cabernet Franc, impeccable from the organoleptic point of view and perfectly stable. To do this we put the grapes, and then the wine, used to produce Podere del Vento under “Special Surveillance”.

In order to make a quality wine with no sulfites, it is necessary to carefully watch over all stages of production and implement a protocol, in the field, in the management of the vineyard, in the cellar throughout the grape-wine-making process and during refining procedure. The result we want is a quality, no sulfite wine that gives us total pleasure when drinking it.

This translates into a lot of work, in a significant technical and financial effort that is largely paid off by the quality and pleasantness of the wine

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