Scarpellini: “Spring Works in Progress!”

Spring brings with it a lot of works to be done! In this image, the expert hands of Rino Scarpellini (father), are grafting an olive tree, sounds always like a little miracle to me!
In the greenhouse so many things are happening simultaneously: some of the vegetables are ready to be picked, some newly planted (maybe cucumbers?), some growing fast (I see tomato seedlings on the right!)
Fruit trees are preparing for the warm season
And…what’s up in the vineyard?
Vines woke up too, here are the first buds!
Nature in this part of Italy, called “Agropontino” , a few kilometers south of Rome, shows the vigor of its awakening. In this area, the influence of the sea, which is only a few kilometers from the farm Scarpellini, is strong and has a great effect on plants and crops.

Azienda Agricola Scarpellini Roberta ( Via Castrum 14, 04012 Doganella di Ninfa, Latina (google map)


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