Scarpellini: “Cantine Aperte at the Scarpellini’s”

Today I would like to tell you about our day of “Cantine Aperte” (litteraly “Open Cellars”) which was held last Sunday, May 26. First of all I would briefly explain what “Cantine Aperte” is especially for those of you from overseas.
“Cantine Aperte” is an event invented by the “Movimento Turismo del Vino “ (Wine Tourism Association), a non-profit association that promotes the wine culture encouraging particularly visits to places of production, vineyards and wineries. Over the years, and in different regions, this day has taken different forms and, in some cases, the wine experience has been very well integrated with music, local folklore, typical dishes and crafts typical of the various territories. Wine producers participating in the initiative open their cellars to the public and this happens every year on the last Sunday in May.
This year we have decided to participate and…”open our cellar!” Here we are, my father and I, ready to welcome visitors with wine and appetizers. For us “Cantine Aperte” was also an opportunity to talk not only about wine but also about our organic farm and all the fruit and vegetables we produce.


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We met many people, and with them we’ve got to mention the many good reasons to visit us, and of course the wine, good extra virgin olive oil and the natural produce! We also spoke about the many archaeological sites and places of art that enrich this area and of a hidden treasure represented by the such as the Gardens of Ninfa.


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The park, property the Italian State, is a natural monument located in the territory of the town of Cisterna di Latina. It is a typical English garden, started by Gelasius Caetani in 1921, in area where once was a medieval town named Ninfa. Several ruins of the old Ninfa are visible in different locations inside the park, in fact what remains of the old town of Ninfa was restored during the creation of the garden.


Il Casale degli Oleandri

Finally, in the evening, tired after the long walks, you might come back to us and enjoy a well deserved rest at the Agriturismo, “Il Casale degli Oleandri” that is right next to the winery building.

Azienda Agricola Scarpellini Roberta ( Via Castrum 14, 04012 Doganella di Ninfa, Latina (google map)


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