Sasso dei Lupi: “We love harvest time!”

Sasso dei Lupi is a Cooperative Winery . This means that all winegrowers, who are part of the winery, every year , around this time, after having carefully worked their grapes in the vineyards , bring ” the fruits of their work ” to the winery and the winery receives them and vinificates them, according to the technical specification from the wine maker, to achieve the collective project of producing and selling the wine under a mutually agreed brand: “Sasso dei Lupi”. Here’s how Giorgia Artegiani , who , from the winery , sent us these beautiful pictures, comments on what happens at Sasso dei Lupi around this time of the year : “When growers bring their grapes to the winery first thing they want to know is how high is the alcohol percentage of their grapes, the fruit of their work, that they have patiently and passionately cultivated throughout the winter. They arrive at the cellar after a slow trip driving their tractors , a quick transit at the weighing machine and then immediately to check for the sugar level (that determines the future alcohol level). They are curious, they check on one another, to see if the neighbor did as well. It looks like a competition about who brings the best grapes: joy and satisfaction is in the eyes of these men, who with great dedication, managed to make grapes grow so lush ”
This machine takes samples of grapes for analysis and checking of each load that arrives at the winery
The white grapes are immediately “flooded” with dry ice to preserve all the aromas and to avoid any start of fermentation before pressing
In this picture must from red grape is bubbling in large fermentation tanks. It is again Giorgia who tells us: “in the tall fermentation tanks the red must bubbles, giving off delicious, typical smells, stunning to those who, almost addicted to this fragrances, continue to enjoy them all day long …. We particularly love and enjoy this moment and work with commitment to ensure that the grapes received from our winery members turn into great wine. We know that this requires all our care and attention! ”
A nice shot at the winery where the cement tanks are located
Another picture taken inside the winery where the stainless steel tanks are located. Work in the vineyards, harvesting, is over but there is still a lot of work to be done here, in the cellar, in order to produce quality wine!

Sasso dei Lupi ( Via Carlo Faina, 18 06055 Marsciano Perugia (google map)


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