Santo Iolo: “A Santoiolo all silver”

International Wine Challenge”, it is like saying: the Olympics of wine. We are in London, it’s May, 2013 and we are in good company with the most sensational wine tasters in the world: the “Masters of Wine”, the most sensitive taste buds, the most sophisticated olfactory receptors, the most “wine rinsed” minds in the Universe.
Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of wines have arrived in their huge warehouse, they have been categorized according to the type and area of origin, renamed with acronyms decipherable only by the employees, then hidden in the anonymity of bags, ready for “blind tastings”, and the austere judgment of the “Master of Wines”, who, for the entire month of May, have met at the Barbican Center in the heart of the City.
Men, women and hundreds of glasses. It is interesting to take a look at how professionally they (our friends the “Masters of Wine”) work! In this environment our Santoiolo, obtained a result similar to the one recently obtained in Miami.
Once again it was ranked silver medal, on par with sensational Italian reds, whose names are intimidating even to simply pronounce. One can ask: “how comes that their palates do not get confused tasting all those wines”?
Impossible! Their “unlimited professionalism” provides for a system to ban mistakes and exclude them with complicated mechanisms of cross tasting by different judges who constantly replace “tired palates”. “To us it means”, says Alessandra Buffetti, owner with her husband, of Santo Iolo Winery “that Santoiolo is really good, that we have worked well, that our work starts being rewarded, that we can be happy. And here what we will do: we will gather the team, we’ll go out for dinner, will open a good bottle of sparkling wine (which we do not manufacture) and we will toast to our success! And then … full speed ahead to win the foreign markets! “

Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)


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