Santo Iolo: “Why a Bordeaux blend in Umbria?”

Our Santoiolo is a Bordeaux Blend. For us Blend means that the different types of grapes that compose it are harvested and processed separately and assembled together only when each component has completed its maturation in barrique, two years after harvest. Bordeaux means that varietals used in the blend, or at least the majority of them, are, by tradition, typical of the Bordeaux region.
I would like to introduce you “our ingredients” for the Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, the so called Champion for its color and structure; Merlot, the great Enchanter; the Spicy Syrah, all of them blended in perfect harmony.
The question is: was there any need for “another Bordeaux Blend” on the world wine stage? We say yes and we’ll explain you why.
The so-called “international varietals”, of which Santoiolo is a classic expression, never correspond to an archetype, which means that in reality they cannot be reduced to a single reference type. Partly due to the great adaptability of the vines in different territories, consequence of centuries of “wandering” around and being experimented all over, these vines, more than others, are able to interpret a territory, a territory that you can often “read in the glass”! If our soil speaks of extinct volcanoes, ancient salt lakes, sedimentary layers upon layers of shells, generous sun, very light and gentle breezes, brilliant Etruscan growers and Latin traders, here, these so called “international varietals”, help to interpret all these expressions through the color, the aromas and flavors of the wine. It is simply a matter of listening to your emotions as you drink a glass of Santoiolo!
If we add that our agricultural techniques in the vineyard go on tiptoe, respectful of the land and the ecosystem; that our work in the cellar is light, almost whispered, leaving the grapes express themselves, well, here is our answer to the initial question.
Santoiolo is not just another Bordeaux blend! It is a unique wine, passionate, modern and old at the same time. It carries the expression of our land and history through the voice of the generous and well trained vines that year after year know how to do their job! (Alessandra Buffetti & Pietro Ducoli)

Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)

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