Santo Iolo: “The Ferrari of bottling is arrived in the cellar”

After a long wait it finally came. We bought the Ferrari of bottling !!!
An Alfatek Robot Compact, Victory series, fully-equipped.

I want to tell you in two words why a good bottler is so important and what it actually does.
A super machine like ours allows you to bottle the wine, that has been hard won, without stressing it, without oxidize, without contaminating it, preserving it intact. The life of the wine is long, both before bottling (at least three years of work in the vineyard, harvest and fermentation, aging in wood) that later.
The Alfatek Robot Compact to avoid oxidation at first fills the bottle of nitrogen, which is an inert gas, replacing the oxygen, then fills with the wine without shaking or pressure fluctuations, tthen it removes the air in the last portion of the neck of the bottle and creates the empty, reintroducing nitrogen, then it puts the cap on the bottle. Fast, quiet, exceptional in limiting consumption.
We are excited about the investment and we are sure it will give a decisive contribution to improve even more the quality of our wines.

Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)


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