Santo Iolo: “Grapes Schiacciata”

For this tasty recipe you will absolutely need a small quantity of red wine grape, it is usually small, rather dark, with a thick skin , lots of seeds inside and a strong flavor that we are not any longer used to taste. Do not look for it at the local supermarket, it’s not something you can buy there! You will need to adventure a bit to find it in some farmer’s street market.
If you come at Santoiolo we will be happy to give you some. Even after the harvest time is over we keep grapes on 2 or 3 vines right for the “Schiacciata” purpose. For most of you we are not exactly close so you’ll have to go for a friend farmer to give you some of this red wine grape!
What you will need is 1.5 Kg of this type of wine grape, 700 gr. Of flour, a small cube of beer yeast, sugar, EV olive oil and 2 eggs. That’s all! Well, you will also need to put some energy in the preparation, patience while the yeasts “work” and a good oven, best if it is a wood-burning oven.
With 400 gr. of whole purpose flour make a little well, melt the yeast in a small glass of warm water, put it in the flour well along with a tea spoon of sugar (it facilitates the rising). Do not forget that we are wine producers and we take good care of yeasts!! No matter if we are dealing with bread or wine yeasts we love them for the job they do. Now back to the “Schiacciata”. Keep kneading for a good while, put a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and do not get tired of kneading. Then put everything in a bowl covered with a cloth, place it in a warm, draft-free place (it is part of taking care of the yeasts work …) for an hour or so. Now that you have rested, while the yeast work, pick the dough, add the eggs one at a time, 3 tablespoons of sugar and the rest of the flour. A little water if needed. Keep kneading and kneading then put the dough at rest again for one more hour.
In the meanwhile you can separate the grapes from the stems.
Now take a rolling pin. You have to divide the dough into two and, with a rolling pin, roll two sheets, a little less than an inch high. We suggest that one of them is slightly thicker than the other: the thicker will be used for the bottom part of the “Schiacciata” the thinner will go on top. On a nice big pan, or directly on a baking tray, spread a sheet of parchment. Start by putting the thicker layer of dough and spread it with half o the grape, make no preassure on it just spread it over the bottom layer.
Your question may be: “should I remove the seeds”? The answer is no and that is what the original recipe says. Sprinkle the grape with two tablespoons of sugar and a drizzle of EV olive oil … that’s it! Now put the second layer of pasta on top of everything. Stick together the edges by pressing with your thumb. This way you will seal the filling inside and form a beautiful decoration too.
Now spread the remaining grapes over the top, but this time sink it gently into the dough (otherwise it will roll down). Again sprinkle with sugar and EV olive oil, as before, and if you like add a few rosemary needles. This is a typical recipe from Tuscany, but we enjoy it very much in Umbria too and it is a very special little tradition at Santoiolo. Finally put it In the oven at 200° C for 40-45 minutes and here is your “Schiacciata” (mine came out a little bit too cooked as you can see!)
And what happened to the yeasts? Yeasts got cooked too, but thank them our “Schiacciata” got the nice bread crust aroma that would otherwise not come out!

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