Santo Iolo: “Cheers to the States!”

So, our “Santoiolo”, packed up and passport in hand, landed in the States!
The occasion? The Wine and Food Festival in Miami, the great gourmet event in Florida, and in particular its wine challenge dedicated to the most interesting wines by the glass: ” Best in glass 2013“.
Our “little boy” (little only by age!) went without us, just like a teenager on his first study vacation. Of course, there was “Rossoiolo” with him, his brother, but “Santoiolo” is the oldest and you know how the firstborns feel responsible for the younger ones! All was on his shoulders! Worse than being alone!
Meetings, presentations, stories about his life: birth, first steps, and education. So many people always around, looking, sniffing, licking….! What an embarrassment for a shy guy like him!
“Santoiolo” felt more at ease in that funny performance called “blind tasting”: a shapeless dress, like a bag, put on by force, and there you go… on public trial!  Anonymity seems more congenial to “Santoiolo”, our country side little guy.
Wow…what an exploit! The Silver Medal to our “Santoiolo 2008”! Yea, you got it, second place, on the podium, the Silver Medal! What a satisfaction!
And what happened to “Rossoiolo”? “Rossoiolo 2009”, the baby of the house, swept into the vortex of the tasting and gained a magnificent Bronze Medal.
What an honor for the family!

Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)


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