Santo Iolo: “Anno Domini 168”

“My name is Caius Julius Popilius, and one day of the month of May, left Rome and, traveling along the Via Flaminia, I stopped in the beautiful Ocriculum, on the banks of the Tiber River. Once I entered the town, I came to an imposing amphitheater, where some gladiators were trained amid unspeakable screams. Then I joined in the Baths of Julius Julianus, where I admired the mosaic floor: I got hungry and stopped at the Tiber tavern, along the Tiber River. There I ate cheese from the shepherds, drank sweet red wine and bread dressed with powerful and fresh oil of the nearby Sabina, that gets here in large quantities to be embarked on ships, docking at the local port, to be brought to Rome. Here the Tiber River is wonderful, embraces the town in its loop and settles down, with his majestic calm, its liveliness ….. ”
It was this story, from a manuscript dating back to 168 AD, that inspired one of the most beautiful costume festivals in Italy, held in Otricoli on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 of May, 2013, in the incredible scenario of the archaeological Ocriculum, nestled in the Umbrian countryside that, at this time of the year, shines of a blinding green.
A Roman feast set back in that time, in the ancient Rome, thanks to the presence of hundreds of figures from an important cultural association dedicated to the reconstruction of historical events related to the world of the ancient Romans. Hundreds of people in costumes meticulously reconstructed, not just gladiators, legionnaires, innkeepers and sailors, each with its own role and the right location, but also ordinary people, quietly walking among the ruins, chatting with each other or with …. descendant of some 1845 years later!
And more… taverns serving food typical of that time, to be paid with gold coins made for the occasion, theater plays, military parades, disembarkation from the Tiber …. in short, it was a true immersion in a lifestyle that probably closely resembled that day when Caius Julius arrived in Ocriculum.
The cozy town of Otricoli is about 2 km away from Santoiolo, from our Winery, where we would be happy to welcome you if you are in the area

Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)



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