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Santo Iolo: “4 ‘Grappoli’ (Bunches) to Santoiolo”

From Bibenda and the Italian Sommelier Association

4 ‘Grappoli’ to Santoiolo
For Wine Producers, and those in the “wine world” in general, these are days of great turmoil: the new wine guides are being released. In assessing wines guides put quite a bit of fantasy: one uses glasses, one scores in cents, up to 99 (as the perfect wine does not exist !), one uses bottles, grape bunches or stars.
We are proud to announce that our Santoiolo 2009, got, for the first time, four clusters (top score is five), in what is perhaps the most important Italian Wine Guide, Bibenda, published by the Italian Sommelier Association.
Santoiolo bottle
An exciting result that prizes us and seems to tell us that the enormous work done over the years reads in the wines as a printed book. A result that in everyday life, with a million things to do always, you kind of do not expect.
And since Wine Guides get delivered without any notice, wrapped and sparkling as a Christmas gift, we opened the parcel exactly like a child would do on Christmas Day, with the same emotion.
Or as a student when professor brings back class assignments, corrected and judged by a vote in red or blue pencil on the front page. Well, if we were in high school, our Santoiolo score, out of 10, would be like getting an 8.5 / 9 to a Latin class test. Not bad at all!
Unlike in school, though, ours, at Santo Iolo, is a team work . So thanks to everyone for the commitment and passion in working with us. Thanks to those who work in the vineyard, who help us in the cellar, in the office. Thanks to those who help us to market and properly communicate our wines and our story. Many precious components for one goal: make good, excellent wines, 4 bunches wines!

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