The project – Tenuta La Pazzaglia


We are in the “(Wonder) Land of Gullies” not too far from fascinating places such as Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio and Viterbo. Here the Verdecchia family moved in 1992. Here they found “the place” where to start over their life project, a project that involves all family members. Mother, father and three kids were originally from Mentana, Lazio Region, where they managed a successful farm. Unfortunately there was a plan to build a highway that ended up cutting their property in two. It was 1990 when the Verdecchias, against their will, had to look for a new home.
They started a brand new life chapter as they moved into this 37 ha property that enjoys a beautiful exposure, opening, like a huge natural terrace, over the many gullies that dominate this beautiful landscape. And here they are, all together: they live here, grow vines and olive trees and make their living out of it. Maria Teresa, one of the three now grown up kids, puts great passion in taking care of the cellar under the professional supervision of Wine Maker Daniele Di Mambro. Her brother Pierfrancesco is in charge of the vineyears and olive groves while Laura deals with sales and marketing. Their parents enjoy this quite lifestyle and help out where needed. It did not take long before their determination and passion brought them to the fore of the overlapping Lazio/Umbria Region wine making panorama and made them visible and well appreciated especially for their many versions of Grechetto wines they produce: single varietal and blends. Yes Grechetto is what makes them well known! This is the vine and wine for which the Verdecchia sisters (the male component of the trio will forgive us!) have become the “Grechetto women”. They also produce great reds but the passion is for Grechetto! It is interesting and somehow unusual to find whites to be the main wines in a production range however Grechetto is not just a white. It is a strong vine, a white that drinks almost like a red, a powerful “raw material” that properly tamed in the vineyards, provides for wines of great personality. There are two Grechetto clones cultivated at Tenuta La Pazzaglia, the so called G5 and G109 clones. These accurately cultivated vines grant for a significant representation of all hues and nuances of Grechetto.


  • IGT Lazio, Merlot, “Montijone” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Merlot, Cab.Sauvignon, Cab.Franc, “Aurelius” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Syraz, “Palagio” (Red)
  • IGT Lazio, Grechetto (clone G5), “Poggio Triale” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Grechetto (clone G109), “G109″” (White)
  • IGT Lazio, Grechetto, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, “Il Corno” (White)
  • DOC Orvieto, Grechetto, Trebbiano Toscano, Verdello, Drupeggio “Miadimia” (White)


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