Vetrere: “Passaturo, what’s in the wine label?”

Let’s talk about the “Passaturo” label, a Vetrere wine made from 100% Malvasia Nera grapes. Many people has asked us the meaning of this label. It is an ancient parchment map of the 19th century representing the Vetrere property.

The map is still responding today to the property boundaries. The pretty large map, 24 by 40 inches was found in the basement at the winery and was marked as “important document to be kept.” This memory of the past is now brought to light thanks to the “Passaturo” wine. Now we have another question: what does “Passaturo” means? Stay with us to learn it!

Azienda Agricola Vetrere (  Montemesola, 74123 Taranto (google map)

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