Mastri Birrai Umbri: “Our Story”

From over seven generations the Farchioni family is engaged in direct processing of agricultural products grown in Umbria. Since 1780 the Farchioni’s grow, process and sell products of the earth: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flour, Wine and, recently, they have introduced Craft Beer.
The production of Mastri Birrai Umbri represents the best synthesis of the historical agro-industrial activities of this family in Umbria. Here is what Pompeo Farchioni told us about his Craft Beers: “We want to produce unique, sophisticated Craft Beers perfectly integrated into the logic of the agricultural supply chain that we have, over the years, created here in Umbria. We want them to be easy to drink, enjoyable. We want these beers to be unmistakably original and this is something we have always aimed at with all our productions”.

Mastri Birrai Umbri ( Via B. Buozzi, 10 – Giano dell’Umbria 06030 Perugia (google map)

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