Mastri Birrai: “An exciting project!”

Today we are meeting Michele Sensidoni, Brewmaster at Mastri Birrai Umbri with him we will start a journey to discover the brewery, to tell its story, and, as Michele tells us, “to share with you our projects and try to convey to you the passion we put into our work to produce quality beer!”


Marco Farchioni, creator of the project and producer of Mastri Birrai Umbri Craft Beer, part of the Farchioni Group

“The idea of creating a Craft Brewery in Umbria started about three years ago, when Marco Farchioni, a member of the Farchioni family, realized that in his family’s group of companies in Giano dell’Umbria, and his territory there were, already, all the necessary resources and synergies to start a beer project.

In fact the Farchioni Family had always been producing the main ingredient for beer: barley. However this grain was no longer profitable to produce, and they wondered how they could enhance their cereal production, the answer they found was to transform this simple, poor, raw material into something noble and genuine: a Beer of excellence!
“In 2010 the Farchioni’s project met the professionalism of people at CERB, Centre of Excellence for Research on Beer and met me, the Brewmaster”, Michele proudly tells us. “This was the final push to the implementation of the brewery. First, we created a small manufacturing plant, its sole purpose was experimenting with new beer recipes, respecting the art of brewing and keeping the original, traditional flavors of the raw materials. Our beers do not use any additives or preservatives and are not filtered neither pasteurized, granting, our consumers, the taste of a natural, -live- beer in their glass”


Our brewhouse

“We tried and tasted and tasted again searching for the original taste we had in mind for our beers, experimenting was important and this is how we came up with the idea of giving our beers an unmistakable character through the use of Spelt, Chicklings, and Lentils from Umbria, all from our own land. “


Yeast ready to ferment the juice

“Every new recipe, every beer produced in our initial, at the time small plant, was tasted and tasted again, modified and refined until we got the taste we had in mind: delicate, balanced and rustic at the same time.”


Fermentation cellar where the must becomes beer

“Our enthusiasm was through the roof! We had created something good and original, we got to the point when we all felt it was time to introduce our beers to the market. Our first-official-release took was Verona Vinitaly Show in 2011, an important, international showcase. We were positive about the qualityof our beers, our project and the passion that we had put into our recipes, however we did not expect such an immediate positive response! Our red beer Cotta 37 won the “Agrifood Club Award” and was recognized as one of the best products of the show. ”
“We got to summer 2011, we were ready for a serious start: a modern brewhouse, shipped directly from Germany, was installed and put into operation in record time. We worked day and night and at the end of July 2011 the first beers were bottled and ready to leave the brewery. Since then, Mastri Birrai Umbri has never ceased to grind malt and add hops and yeasts. In 2012 we produced about 1200000 bottles, bottles that also crossed the Italian border as we shipped in England, USA, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Croatia … and beyond! “

Mastri Birrai Umbri ( Via B. Buozzi, 10 – Giano dell’Umbria 06030 Perugia (google map)


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