Leonucci: “Winter pruning”

Here is what the vineyard looks like in mid-February. Vines are bare but with long branches, the residue of the previous season. It ‘s time to prune!

Here is Raffaela, Stefano Leonucci’s sister who helps in the fields and in the winery, she shows us how to prepare the pruning. In fact, at Leonucci’s they did a “pre-pruning” operation and first cut the most part of the long bare branches of the vine so they can clearly see which shoots to leave and which ones to cut and that is what pruning is about!

In this picture you can see the final result of pruning. The vine cordon looks very neat and only very few shoots have been left. Those will sprout in the spring and will produce new growth and grape clusters. Pruning: hard work that requires expert hands and expert eyes!

A good, professional pruning is part of the great care that Stefano Leonucci takes of his vineyards, his grape and his wines and thanks to all this hard work we will have another great vintage of “Re del Sole

Azienda Leonucci (www.leonucci.it) Fraz. Montignano Voc. Cimemmene, 43, Massa Martana, Perugia – (google map)

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