Leonucci: “The many interesting things that happen in Umbria!”

Today, Stefano Leonucci, is telling us an interesting story of beautiful people and good initiatives happening in his area, Umbria. Today we will speak of “felt“. Yes you read right, from wine… to felt. With images of pure joy Stefano takes us to meet a “feltraia” by profession, Silvia Argenti, a young artist, who lives and works a few miles from Stefano Leonucci’s cellar, and that looks like a character straight out of a fairy tale where gnomes, fairies and elves live.
We are at Silvia Argenti’s lab, (Silvia is the third from right in the picture above), in Casteltodino, a small town in the Province of Terni. Here Silvia is with a group of friends and they are creating a felt carpet. The simple sequence of images will give you an idea of the procedure. In the picture above they are unraveling wool flocks and beginning to shape the carpet.
Here Silvia, after roughly shaping the carpet, is wetting it, a procedure that will be repeated several times, with a mixture of water and soap.
And how about a little color?
More colors, yarns mixed in the frayed wool and more soap and water to wet the carpet.
Then she covers it with plastic bubble sheets.
Plastic sheets are used to help to press, wrap, and gradually mingle the fibers.
Look at the fibers as they are already compressed and colors are mixed.
We are not done yet! Our carpet, to achieve a perfect felting, must be pressed, rolled, soaked and “beaten” over and over again.
The whole operation of creating the carpet (a yoga mat) lasted a whole day! Here are the satisfied faces of friends who contributed to the work.
Look at how thin our carpet has become.
Wonderful colors! And we have another surprise for you: in Porchiano, near the town of Amelia, in Umbria, from May 15th to the 19th, Feltrosa Show and Labs will take place. We learned that this is the annual meeting of the “feltrai”, the artisans for felt, who will gather here from from all over Italy. Obviously Silvia Argenti will be present with her beautiful works. Good luck Silvia!
We thank Stefano Leonucci for introducing us to this artist! So many good reasons to come and visit this part of Umbria!

Azienda Leonucci (www.leonucci.it) Fraz. Montignano Voc. Cimemmene, 43, Massa Martana, Perugia – (google map)


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