Leonucci: “Montignanello Wine at Castello di Montignano”

Once upon the time there was a Castle. And the Castle is still there in its full splendor. And there is where we are taking you today! We are in Montignano, a tiny little village in Umbria, more or less in the center of the Region. Here we are going to meet Chef Alessandro Petraroli who, at Castello di Montignano, in this wonderful setting, “performs his art”!
He welcomes us at the Restaurant, located inside the Castle, named “Materiaprima”. He has dedicated one of his dishes to our Montignanello and has kindly offered us the recipe!
“Raviolo with chestnuts and Norcia pecorino in a reduction of Montignanello Wine and black truffle”.

Here is the recipe (Serves 4 pax):

For the pasta: 2.2 Pounds of durum wheat semolina – 5.5 Oz of whole purpose flour – 10 whole eggs
Filling: 1.1 Pounds of chestnuts– 0.6 Pounds of grated pecorino from Norcia– salt and grounded black pepper to your taste
Wine reduction: 500 ml of Montignanello – 0.6 Pounds of sugar
0.6 Oz of fresh grounded black truffle – 0.35 Oz of butter

Mix the durum wheat semolina with the 10 eggs and add the flour, work it well and then wrap it in a film and put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Chef told us that he prefers to use the durum wheat semolina as this preserves the roughness of the pasta surface, which thus absorbs more sauce. He also explained us that the smaller quantity of regular flour is used to give elasticity to the dough. Separately prepare the chestnuts that will be boiled in salted water and flavored with bay leaves, peel them and let them cool down. In a bowl cut the pecorino in very small cubes then add the peeled chestnuts. Season with salt and pepper. Take the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin till it gets very thin, about 0.08 inches. Then cut it in as many squares, of about 3 inches side, as you get. Put , in the center of each square, some of the mixture of chestnuts and cheese (the size of a walnut) , close the little square as you wrap a handkerchief or simply flapping it over and then, with your thumb push the mixture as far back as you can so that the “raviolo” will sit well in the plate.
Let the wine reduction cool down. In the meanwhile immerse our ravioli in boiling salted water for about 5 minutes and, once drained, sauté them in a pan with a knob of butter and freshly grated black truffle. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Remove the ravioli from the heat and place them on a serving plate then, with a spoon, create small beads of wine reduction around the ravioli. You may want to sprinkle the plate with just a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We suggest you to pair this dish with a bottle of Montignanello and wish you “Buon Appetito”!


A detail of the swimming pool at Castello di Montignano that inspires peace and relax surrounded by a magnificent natural setting.

Azienda Leonucci (www.leonucci.it) Fraz. Montignano Voc. Cimemmene, 43, Massa Martana, Perugia – (google map)


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