Leonucci: “Montignanello landed in NYC!”

At Leonucci’s they are all very excited today!
Stefano, producer of Montignanellois at his computer and keeps browsing and admiring the beautiful images of the famous venue in New York City: “Il Buco, Alimentari e Vineria”, I just informed him that his Montignanello is now served (by the glass!) in this prestigious restaurant of the “Big Apple”.
If you happen to be in this part of the world you may want to enjoy the excellent, tasty cuisine from “Il Buco” with a glass of Montignanello! Thanks also to our NY Distributor, Enotria Wine Imports, Andrea Fassone and all his staff that just recently received their first lot of Montignanello and are successfully introducing it in best restaurants in NYC!

Azienda Leonucci (www.leonucci.it) Fraz. Montignano Voc. Cimemmene, 43, Massa Martana, Perugia – (google map)


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