La Dama:”The Lady”

The name of our Winery, La Dama, has ancient origins that we wanted to remember on our labels.
The old owners of the land, that we now cultivate with respect and love, were part of the Besi noble dynasty, from Venice.
The Besi Earls, in Valpolicella, owned more than 50 hectares of land. We don’t know much about them but we know that the farmers who worked for them gave a name to each vineyard.
In particular, La Dama is the name of the vineyard on which we have built our cellar.
Here a few of the sketches made by the artist Michela Molinari while she was trying to give a face to the Lady, in Italian “Dama”. We picked, amongst these sketches, the image that is now our logo and is on all our bottles.

La Dama Vini( Via G. Quintarelli, 39 San Vito di Negrar 37024 Verona (google map)


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