La Dama: “Visiting the winery with guests from Mexico!”

This past week we received a visit from our Importer in Mexico. With them we made a nice tour of all the interior and exterior spaces, starting from this porch and including this tunnel. In this area we have created a space where, when the season is suitable, a portion of the grapes, after harvest, is placed to dry in the open air to dry using the winds that occur naturally due to the design of the space. The tents that you see above the arch, and that are located all around the porch, are used to regulate the passage of the wind or to protect the grapes from moisture. Now the space is empty and empty cases are ready to be warehoused till next harvest.
Here we are on first floor, inside the cellar, in a very large room where the last few trays of grapes, not yet crushed, are preserved to dry in wooden boxes. The pressing is almost complete but there is still something amazing to see and enjoy here.
Look at this dried grape. In a few days i will be sent to vinification. Timing for harvest and vinification of Amarone grape is very different from that of most wine grapes: here harvest is late and then we have to wait for the drying process to be completed. The cellar gets busy till February and in fact it is in January and February that the dried grapes get vinificated.
Here you can see other bunches drying on wooden trays. At the origin each tray contains about 6 kg. f grape. Now, after drying, grape loses most of its original weight.
In this environment we always keep the windows slightly open and a proper ventilation is assured by a couple of large ventilators. It is essential to prevent the accumulation of moisture.
Here we are in the vinification area. Gabriele Dal Canale, in the center, shows his guests the use of this area of the cellar.
And here we are in the most remote place in the cellar, about five meters below ground level, where “oak” is kept. For aging wines La Dama does a combined use of large barrels and barriques.
Here is the last part of our tour. It ‘s time for lunch and to taste the wines with our guests. We’ll tell you about this in our next post..

La Dama Vini( Via G. Quintarelli, 39 San Vito di Negrar 37024 Verona (google map)


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