La Dama: “Tortelli all’Amarone @ Trattoria alla Ruota”

If you are travelling in Veneto, and particularly in Valpollicella, you should not miss this Trattoria alla Ruota. If you take the road that goes from Negrar to Mazzano especially during spring time, you will find yourself as part of an amazing environment and once you reach Trattoria alla Ruota you will also be part of an unforgettable “flavors experience”!
Here Renza, Odilla and Stefano, along with the “classic” dishes served in most restaurants of the historic Valpolicella, offer a variety of culinary delights exclusive of their very creative and classy cuisine.
Their “Tortelli all’Amarone” is an amazing dish that was created from the passion for cooking and their love for good wine. Renza, one of the family chefs at La Ruota, wanted to come up with a dish that could celebrate Amarone wine in a different way from the typical risotto or braised meat and that’s how, her culinary genius, gave birth to “Tortelli all’Amarone”. A very different pasta course where the difference starts from the purplish color of the dough made only with flour and Amarone wine. The filling is a perfectly tender heart of meat braised in Amarone wine for long time, at very low temperature. The plate is garnished with a spoonful of Amarone reduction that helps to perfectly blend the flavors. Enjoy this wonderful dish with a good glass of Amarone della Valpollicella Classico doc La Dama.
You will enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant from where you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view over Valpollicella.
And if you get lazy and run late, perhaps indulging over another glass of Amarone….do not worry! The family also offers accommodation in a nearby, recently renovated, cottage (6 large rooms are available) and I can tell you that getting lazy there it is really worth!

La Dama Vini ( Via G. Quintarelli, 39 San Vito di Negrar 37024 Verona (google map)


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