La Dama: “Il Sovescio” (Green manuring)


In the distance the winery building

Here’s what Gabriele Dal Canale, owner and winemaker at La Dama, tells us: “Already for some years we have been managing the soil of our vineyards with the ancient technique of green manuring (in Italian: “sovescio”). It consists in sowing along the rows of vines a special blend of herbal essences that once grown, produce a beautiful, exuberant meadow full of flowers.


Here we are closer to the winery building. In fact the winery is located right in the middle of vineyards

The lawn grows until after the vines flowering then we cut it and bury it in the soil thus determining a number of benefits for the vineyard:

  • It increases the natural fertility of the soil by revitalizing the microbiological activity;
  • It Improves the physical-chemical structure of the soil and consequently the circulation of air and water in the soil;
  • The lawn attracts those insects that are good for the vine;
  • It helps increasing the biodiversity

Such agronomic practice has been introduced in our farm when we decided to abandon a number of processes that we considered not suitable for our project (chemical weeding, repeated passages of machines with rotary tools etc.) All these practices, over the time, cause a considerable impoverishment of the soil. The results of “sovescio” (green manuring) are amazing! Walking in the vineyards, when the meadows are in full bloom, is a unique experience that we would love to share with you!”

La Dama Vini( Via G. Quintarelli, 39 San Vito di Negrar 37024 Verona (google map)

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