La Dama: “Go organic!”

For the second year in row La Dama Winery confirms its commitment to an ecological and environmentally friendly cultivation system in their vineyards. This is a three years path to a total conversion to an organic production system. As a matter of fact, the method of growing vines that Gabriele Dal Canale (above in the picture) has consistently applied in his family property has always been based on total respect for nature and its delicate balance.

Since the very beginning of the activity, this philosophy, has led the winery to use only natural products for protecting and fertilizing the vineyards. In fulfillment of this commitment, last year, Gabriele, who, in the family winery, is both Wine Maker and Agronomist, has decided to undertake the complex process called the “biological conversion” to get the certification. Here’s what Gabriele adds: “… We are not working to obtain just a certificate. That would be just a piece of paper! Our goal is to ensure the absolute wholesomeness of our grapes and our wines as well as we want to confirm an authentic, ethically and socially correct business approach. We want our everyday work to be done in total respect of our territory and environment.”
Above, in the picture, pasture animals do their “natural job” cleaning and fertilizing the vineyards!

La Dama Vini ( Via G. Quintarelli, 39 San Vito di Negrar 37024 Verona (google map)

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