Galasso: “What’s up in the vineyards?”

Above a picture taken in one of the oldest vineyards, at Galasso’s, it is a traditional “tent” trained vineyard still very popular in Abruzzo. Look what beautiful colors, the vine is in full bloom.
An overview of the same vineyard clearly showing the blooming.
And now we bring you back in time to see how, the same vineyard, looked like late April this year.
Back in time again! Here is the same vineyard photographed at the beginning of April. This year we had a fairly mild winter, little snow and a lot of rain. We will take you back here to check with us developments in the vineyards between now and the harvest, in October. Stay with us!

Cantine Galasso ( Località Passo Cordone, 65014 Loreto Aprutino, Pescara (google map)


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